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sonobe Endorser :峯モトタカオ / TakaoMinemoto

sonobe is attractive for it's thick bass with a core and its beautiful, transparent tone, and I have always loved it and have been using it for a long time.
When you play such a sonobe handpan, it feels like expressing the four seasons of Japan.

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​sonobe Endorser : 平野 陽平 / Yohei Hirano

I love sonobe's handpan because it has a deep tone and I feel some Japanese harmony. When you play it in nature, you will be impressed by the feeling that birds and insects sing at the perfect timing, and that you are in a session with various lives in the natural world.

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​sonobe Endorser : Syota Fujimura/Road

As I play sonobe's handpan, I feel calm and the sound is breathing. In order to support a wide range of sounds, from delicate touches to percussive performances, the range of sound output is wide.
You can concentrate on your performance with calm mind.
Sonobe's handpan is filled with passion and soul, and I am very happy to be able to play such a sonobe.

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Voices from Customers

Good evening, I would like to share my impressions.

The moment I touched the 焔, I was shocked. It produces a beautiful sound with just a light touch, and I can play it with a feeling of near de-empowerment.

I am very happy to be able to play the techniques that I am not good at rather effortlessly. I was surprised that a metal instrument could produce such a warm tone.

I was surprised that a metal instrument can produce such a warm tone. The reverberation is also beautiful and comfortable. I can play so much that I lose track of time.

The scale may have something to do with it, but I also get the impression that it sounds like a stringed instrument such as a harp.

My desire to play a low-pitched handpan that goes well with the D celtic minor in a relaxed manner has been fulfilled.


Ooba purchased scale : 焔/A2 minor

To Mr. Sonobe Thank you for making the best handpan. Beautiful sound and lingering sound (it seems that you can see the sound floating in the room) ・ The feel when you hit it and the texture of the handpan ・ The color and shape are insanely cool, and everything is lovely. If you hit one, your feelings will be brighter, if you hit it in nature, you can assimilate it, and it is a wonderful tone that permeates your mind and body. I will use it carefully! !! Thank you so much 🙇♂️

Yamagata Prefecture Kazuaki Sasada Purchased scale: ​閑雅/F Low Pygmy 16

I met handpan when I took a bath by selecting BGM songs. Pleasant tone ... If you notice, make a reservation for Takao Minemoto's trial lesson, reach Mr. Sonobe from that site, and apply for immediate purchase. We decided to order multiple scales selected by wave appraisal. And what! I received a wonderful E2 Kurd 15 with a scale array that includes Mr. Fujimura's (Road-kun) suggestions. When you play it, the overlapping sounds resonate with each cell in your body. The feeling of being wrapped in high vibration every time it resonates ...! It's quite a work for me who doesn't know music at all, but I feel comfortable watching it, touching it, and playing it. It has become such a healing existence. Right now I'm playing it just for myself, but someday I'd like to help someone heal.

Bunkyo-ku Sekine Purchased scale: E2 Kurd15

It is a wonderful handpan with a beautiful, very deep and gentle sound. When you start hitting, you will be absorbed in it, and the surrounding space will be surrounded by a gentle and soft atmosphere, and you will be very relaxed. And the more I hit it, the more beautiful the sound comes out, and I'm really looking forward to daily practice. I am very interested in the softness and roundness of the appearance and the deep color. I was informed about the production process one by one, and I was excited to see how my handpan was completed. 

Purchased scale: C Amara15  / Inn Cafe Rental Kozaemon Shunsuke Minoshima Gifu Prefecture

Sonobe-san Good evening! Handpan arrived today! thank you! !!
I'm so happy! It's been a few years since I happened to meet a handpan ... I feel like I've got a terrific treasure ❤️ Even if an amateur like me hits it, it sounds amazingly nice ♪ I'm tired of the deep tone that echoes through my fingertips My heart will be healed 😍 Ember Steel's golden brown is too nice ♪
It's still too much for me ~ I want to play the tone every day 😊 I'll practice so that I can make a nice tone ♪ I want Mr. Sonobe to listen to it someday! !! 💪 I will use it habitually while carefully maintaining it! Thank you very much 😊 Thank you for your continued support! !!

Ichihara City Kayoko Fukui
​Purchased scale: 風韻 / C # Celtic Minor

I saw Mr. Sonobe's YouTube and homepage,
I was fascinated by the tone of the handpan, and I was struck by the urge to play.
I bought it with all my might.
It arrived in a very kind and polite packaging.
Right now, I'm still under the guidance of Professor Ono, and I'm not at the level of playing songs,
At the end of the day, just touching it for a short time and making a sound will heal you very much.
I hope I can continue to play the sound carefully.
I am glad that I met Mr. Sonobe's workshop.
Thank you.

Lives in Fujinomiya City  Shizuoka pref,
Purchased scale: 風韻 / B Celtic Minor

Sonobe-san's handpan that I gave up once.

After all, I asked for it without giving up, and I was able to get it faster than I expected.

I felt it early because Mr. Sonobe gave me a polite guidance on the process of making handpans during that time.


Mr. Sonobe's handpan is of high quality. The sound of an indescribable sound when first touched.

I feel healing by "touching" the handpan every day.

As my song, I couldn't make something like a cohesive composition of sounds, but I still haven't.

I would like to participate in various lessons so that I can use Mr. Sonobe's handpan quickly.


Motoko Yoshida, lives in Inashiki City Ibaraki Pref,

Purchased scale: 澄月


Sonobe [Ayakumo] made by Mr. Sonobe will make my healing time.

I'm not good at musical instruments (laughs)

However, since there is no score for handpan, I play it as I like (* ^^ *)

The tone of sonobe [Ayakumo] is a soft and comfortable chord, and I feel that my heart is clear.

Also, my little child falls asleep immediately when he hears the sound of sonobe.

I think it's comfortable.

I can't play like professionals, but my family, including myself, is very happy!

Thank you for a really nice handpan (o ^-^)


PS, I fell in love with sonobe [彩雲] too much ...

I changed the name of my salon!


Natsuo living in Kariya city

Purchased scale : 彩雲/Equinox

While waiting for the completion of the handpan, I was very relieved to have you report the progress in detail with images.

In addition, even after the instrument was completed, I was informed in detail what kind of tone the finished product would look like by taking a video.

I was a complete amateur in music and had no knowledge of handpan, but Sonobe-sama was very particular about being a professional.

It was very well communicated that he had it and made it carefully.

Now, I spend a little time every day touching my handpan.

The beautiful tone of handpan life adds color to casual everyday life.


Sumida Ward, Tokyo 古

Purchased scale: 雲上 11/Oxalis

When I ordered handpan this time, I was convinced

Shake off noise and annoyance when choosing materials and scales

By deciding what you feel most comfortable with "intuition"

Mr. Sonobe's work firmly accepted that feeling and finished it with a sound beyond imagination.

It fills a room that is nothing but a happy tone when you hit one.


By the way, I sometimes post memo-like videos on Instagram.


Kotaki, lives in Kanazawa

Purchased scale: 逍遥 (Bottom notes E3, F # 3)/Sabye

I asked sonobe to make it after seeing the articles about failures and challenges so far.

I thought, "What kind of sound does a person with such a deep feeling make?

I was a complete amateur, but I courageously emailed him.


In addition to the information to be referred to

He said, "It's okay, you can use whatever you like," and I'm not big, so a small size is good. I was able to consult with you with confidence.


Above all, I'm really happy to receive a handpan with a "comfortable, favorite tone" that is beyond my imagination.

A soft and rich tone. You can feel gentle with just one sound.

One day I dream of carrying a sonobe bread on my back and going on a performance journey. Thank you very much.


Tanaka, lives in Katsushika Ward, Tokyo

Purchased scale: 風韻 / D Celt (495mm / 19.5 ") Bottom note Bb3

I happened to know handpan at an overseas musical instrument store, bought cheap handpan and practiced, but after practicing for about a year,

I wanted a handpan with high sound quality from a domestic manufacturer.

When I searched SNS and YouTube, I found out about sonobe and decided to make it.

After hearing this request in detail, it was completed after a few months of production.

As a result, I received a handpan that produced a truly satisfying and comfortable sound, which added color to my daily life.

Especially the sound of ding was an order of magnitude more comfortable. I'm glad I took the plunge and bought it.


Currently, my child is 2 years old, but while taking care so that I can give this bread when I grow up,

I would like to continue to enjoy my handpan life.


Sato, who lives in Kesennuma (Twitter: @satoumi_hp)

Purchased scale: 漂游 / D Kurd

When I first saw an instrument called a handpan and listened to the sound, it was like wrapping up the space such as tone and sound.
I was very impressed by the indescribable atmosphere of being in a different world, and was shocked by the existence of such an instrument.
And I want to play! I thought.

While investigating, I came up with a handpan from a domestic manufacturer, sonobe, which is of good quality and is safe when maintenance is a problem.
I dared to contact Mr. Sonobe to get a handpan, but
I had little knowledge of handpan, so I was worried about choosing a scale.
However, Mr. Sonobe was kind enough to consult with me when creating the product, and I was able to decide on a scale and material that I was satisfied with.
If you have any other questions, please kindly and politely answer them.
And when the production finally started, he reported on the process from time to time, and I was able to look forward to the completion every day with a sense of security and excitement.

And now, I can't get the long-awaited handpan and play well,
I'm really healed by seeing and listening to the sounds every day.

If you want a second handpan, I would love to ask Mr. Sonobe again.

Kajiyama, lives in Asahi Chiba pref,

Purchased scale:漂蕩 / Romanian Hijaz

Voices from overseas

I finally got time to record myself playing on the new handpan. If you get around to watching it, I hope you enjoy it.
peace and love,

Charlie from WI U.S.A. Anna Ziska

Hi Ryo-San I have been playing your handpan since I received it. It is a beautiful and special instrument.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this instrument for me. We live in a weird period, and playing the handpan is now a piece of sunshine in our home. Thank you again Have a great day! 

Kevin, from Singapore'   C Aeolian

Hi Ryo,

The pan brings me and my family more power,
more slowly and feeling happy in this strange times.

R. Meyer
Dresden, Germany Purchased scale: 閑雅 / F2 Pygmy


Hey Ryo


Here are my impressions. If the text is too long, you can cut it if you want. It was hard to write the impressions

in a shorter text.


when i finaly received my handpan in may 2018 all my expectations where outdone, it actually felt like a dream come true. The instrument reacts to the slightest touch with a cristalclear sound and an overwhelming sustain. process. i play the handpan on a daily basis ant it's a big personal asset. Especially out in the woods or at the riverside i sense that the sound unfolds in a wonderful way. during the three years i waited for my instrument, the contact with ryo was very pleasant. i was regularly informed about the progress of the manufactering and got answers to my questions in short order. Thank you ever so much for this amazing instrument!

This instrument touch my soul and is everyday a pleasure to play it.


all the best,



Freienstein, Switzerland

​漂游 /AnnaZiska


R: Tom & L: Gigi
​漂游/AnnaZiska sonobe ​漂游 /F Penta)

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