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Sold Out 🔹E Sabye10.  E/ A B C# Eb E F# G# B  
demo video   ¥250,000-JPY

<These items are included in the above price>

🔹EVATEK M  Hard Case

🔹Phoenix Handpan Care Oil
🔹High quality microfiber cloth

Japanese canvas bag for 53cm Standard Model


Handmade canvas bag No. 9 canvas used * Paraffin processed

¥28,500-JPY (Tax included) shipping fee not included

Light, durable, and slightly fashionable canvas bag for handpan made in Japan.

Masaru Yasuhara, a canvas artist living in Kita-ku, Tokyo, carefully cuts and sews 

each piece with his heart.

It's very light, so it's convenient for everyday use, such as when you go to a nearby park.

(Mr. Reo Matsumoto, a handpan player, has been using it for many years).

* Paraffin processing: Paraffin processing: A process in which the fabric is impregnated 

with wax to make it waterproof.


If you would like to purchase it, Please contact us.


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