Offered Scales  Sonobe 5G HFS 2019


成住壊空   (Jo-Ju-E-Ku) F2/ F G Ab C Eb F G

Patna rhei.


漂蕩(HyoTou)   C/ G C C# E F G G# C

Freedom of  Drifting

慈雨(Ji-Wu)  C/ G G# C D Eb F G

Blessed Rain

彩雲  (SaiWun)   C#/ G# C C# Eb F G G# C

Iridescent Clouds

春宵(SyunSho)   C#/ G# C C# Eb F G# C C# 

Spring Evening

明鏡止水   (MeikyoShisui)   C#/ G# B C# Eb E G# C# Eb

a mind undisturbed by evil thoughts

雲上   (Un-Joh)   G/ B C D E G B C D

Above the clouds

寂光   (Jyakkou)     F/ C C# F G G# C C# F

A light of wisdom

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<Voices from customers>
The pan arrived last week and for the last several nights I’ve been out in the back yard playing while
the Perseid meteors streaked overhead.
I live outside of town near the mountains so the night sky is spectacular. So is the pan.
It is beautiful and lovely and the sustain is the best I’ve ever heard.
It was worth the 4-year wait. Thank you for making this beautiful instrument.

all the best,
Montana U.S.A.

When I finally received my sonobe 4th in May 2018 all my expectations where outdone,

it actually felt like a dream come true.

The instrument reacts to the slightest touch with a cristalclear sound and an overwhelming sustain.

You can effectively hear the passion incorporated during the manufacturing process.

I play the sonobe 4th on a daily basis ant it's a big personal asset. Especially out in the woods or at the riverside I sense that the sound unfolds in a wonderful way. During the three years I waited for my instrument, the contact with Ryo was very pleasant. I was regularly informed about the progress of the manufactering and got answers to my questions in short order. Thank you ever so much for this amazing instrument!


all the best,


Freienstein, Switzerland







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