Q1. How big is a sonobe (handpan) and how much does it weight?


55cm/21.65" (include flanges) diameter. pan has a height of 26cm/10.23”  (from center dome to bottom)

and weight 4.0kg/8.8lbs.



Q2.  What information gets etched into a Sonobe handpan?


Currently there is no sign.

If you want it,let me know.

Q3.  Do you accept orders for handpans in any scale or size?


Please refer to the "Products" page. Here you will find the sound models 

which are currently on offer.

Q4.  But can I request a custom scale?


We no longer accept it.

Q5. Why the color of surface is ? 
         A.   The final surface colour is created by an oxidation film that forms as a result of this oven treatment.

Q6. Is there any difference in sound between a 10-note (centre note + 9 notes) pan

and a 9-note pan (centre note + 8 notes)?


Yes there is. But it all depends on what you are looking for. We personally prefer and recommend the 9-note pan.(8notes around center note)

because of it's clearer sound and better resonance and sustain. On the other hand the 10-note pans

do offer more versatility and variety in what you'll be able to play. (Good for higher range pans)

We can also add booty taps, which are extra notes added onto the bottom shell.(max,4notes)

Payment, Shipping...

Q7.  How can I pay for my order?


We only accept bank transfers as a payment method. We do not accept other methods such as

paypal, credit card, western union, ... 

Instrument become close to finish,I will request a payment.

Q8. Do I need to make a deposit?


No, a deposit is not needed.

Q9. Do you take the payment in instalments?


 No, we are afraid we can not offer any type of payment plan.

Q10. Do you offer any discount?


We are sorry, but no discount can currently be offered.

Q11. Do you ship your instruments worldwide?


Yes, of course. We can ship in all over the world.

Q12. What courier/delivery service is used for shipping your instruments?


Domestic shipping in Japan is handled by YAMATO TRANSPORT CO Ltd (package size 160).

For Worldwide shipping we use EMS, which is handled by JAPAN POST HOLDINGS CO Ltd.

Q13. How much is the shipping cost?


Shipping and handling costs will vary from region to region. Please contact us with your address

information for an accurate shipping quote.

The following shipping quotes are estimates only and are offered as a general indication of what to

expect. An accurate shipping quote can only be procured by contacting Sonobe Handpans directly:

Asia ¥18,000-JPY

North America ¥25,000-JPY

Europe ¥25,000-JPY

Oceania ¥25,000-JPY

South America ¥35,000-JPY

Q14. How safe is the packaging for shipping?


we use a 63cm x 63cm x 37cm/25"x 25"x 15" safety hard box made by polystyrene foam.

The box weighs approximately 4kg/9lbs.

For Worldwide shipping we use EMS, which is handled by JAPAN POST HOLDINGS CO Ltd.


The following shipping quotes are estimates only and are offered as a general indication of what to expect.

An accurate shipping quote can only be procured by contacting Sonobe Handpans directly:



Delivery time, Accessoires ...

Q15. How long does it take to receive a handpan after I make an order?


We will inform you of your place on the list and estimated time needed to create your pan once

we receive your order.

Q16. Is there a warranty on your handpans?


If treated properly, our handpans will keep a stable tuning for 1 to 2 years. Just like most

handpans, this depends on frequency and vigorousness of play. This is why we cannot offer any

guarantees or repairs.

Q17. Can I pick up the handpan in person?


No you can not. Mostly it's not allowed to carry the instrument  onto airplane as (hand) baggage.Cause it's size. However If you bring or send me a Evatek(middle) probably You can.

Q18. Can I do a test play?


Currently We don't accept it.

Q19. What comes with the handpan?


Microfibre cloth and 50g of  original treatment oil (100% natural) for the general care of your pan.

Q20. Is there a hard case available for handpan?


HardCase Technologies makes great hard-cases for handpans. You can find them here: http://


If you decide to buy one and would like your pan to be shipped in it, then have your order shipped

to us and we will make sure your new sonobe (handpan) gets shipped in the Evatek or Polycase 2.0

according to your wishes.

Repair, Maintenance...

Q21.  Can a handpan be repaired if it is damaged by a hit or a drop?


Yes, basically we can repair it. BUT, it will all depend on how extensive the damage to the pan

is. Please contact us with the details of the damages so we can assess the possibilities.

sonobe handpan's  tuning is in general sustained for about 5 years, although it obviously depends on how it is treated, how often it is used and how vigorously it is played.

In time a slight rise of sound pitch could occur, even though this should have no ill effects on your performance.

Q22. Can you tune my handpan that I bought from another maker?


No, we only offer tuning services for sonobe (handpan)

Q23. What should I do to upkeep the condition of my handpan?


For rust prevention, natural oil from hands has to be wiped down with the microfiber cloth

after each playing session.

Spray a dehydrated ethanol for disinfection on the microfiber cloth that comes with your handpan and

clean the surface of the instrument.
The alcohol will decompose and wipe out the  acid oil from hands. (available at any pharmacy )

It is also recommended to apply a coating of our original natural maintenance oil for further protection.
it is more effective for rust prevention.
Put an oil as thinly as possible and wipe out gently with a microfiber cloth.

Otherwise,there is a possibility that rust occurs.


Q24. What kind of care should I take for my handpan?



Please do not play it hard with sticks. Please keep it in a dry place. Do not leave it stored in a bag

for prolonged periods of time. Avoid leaving it in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

Q25. Can I return a handpan after I receive it?


We do not offer a refund.

We will show you the demo video before payment is requested.

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