about Handpan


Around the year 2000, the first hang (registered trademark) was born in Switzerland. Out of love for this instrument other makers have started sculpting handpans in its image.

Unlike a steelpan, which is played with mallets, fingers are used to play the handpan.

By tapping this instrument as if you are touching a hot stove, a beautiful sound emerges.

The handpan is a new style of melodic percussion which is becoming more and more known and sought after all around the globe.

As unique as the sound of the handpan is just as diverse are it's uses: from street performance to a healing, from a tool for meditation to an instrument for anyone that has been captured by it's mystic sound,rich overtones,also longer sustain.

The handpan has found it's way into the hearts and hands of many.

I have chosen to work with nitrided metal sheets for my instruments, since the nitriding process hardens the surface of a handpan which greatly increases its durability.

Before the final tuning, the nitrided shell is tempered in an electric oven.

For accurate tuning I use Linotune (a high performance tuning meter) and my 20+ years of experience as a pan tuner of steelpan. The pitch and tone is adjusted without any compromise to the final quality. 

And I always aim at making the tone of  WARM  healing  a mind.

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